At present we have available research topics in different areas. Some of them are sketched here, but some others can be discussed. Different topics can be attacked according to the program selected.

You will find information about applying and funding here.

A detailed list of the projects, including basic explanations for each of them can be found following:
• Ph.D. and Masters topics: you can find research topics about our current research in the Publication pages (other topics available too; contact professor Wainer if interested)
• 4th year Engineering projects (other 4th year Engineering projects; contact professor Wainer if interested)

The links below provide more information about our research areas:
• Research Grants
• Seminars
Carleton University Centre on Visualization and Simulation (V-Sim)
• This slideshow introduces some of the research topics in the lab
• This document includes a detailed Research Roadmap about our present, past and future activities


Research resources

CD++ Models
Further information about CD++ and DEVS modeling: course materials
3D Visualization
YouTube Channel: 3D visualization and other videos
Other Tools for Downloading
Lab Equipment
GitHub – Open Source Projects